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The first of my Answers to today's "What the Ek?"Questions...More coming..

August 19, 2019, 9:15 PM ET [35 Comments]
gergeswillems asks...

What the Ek is going on with Mitch Marner? You said the Leafs gave him a July 31st deadline. You also said the Leafs aren't screwing around. What the Ek is going on here, Ek?


I hear ya. The Leafs patience is running thin. They wanted a July 31 deadline to give Dubas some extra flexibility to tweak some more....that obviously hasn't happened and while I still expect this to get done if it isn't by the opening of camp all bets are off...Remember this is an agent who likes to play with deadlines....which is another reason the Leafs are trying to pin this down..

sjfpp asks...

Ek, you had previously linked the Pens with Gardiner. Could they still be the team with the handshake deal in place until cap space is cleared?


That would be very interesting...I don't get the sense they are the handshake team...I believe it is Florida or Colorado...but the Penguins had interest at one point and it would make sense....especially now with the Kessel money off the books...

wbonn22 asks...

What the Ek?
..... Why are so many GM's not even negotiating? Why is it okay for these RFA's to drag on and on? There should just be a point, and not in December, but earlier, like September 30th, that if the player isn't signed they are done for the year. That would get everyone moving.


I would love them moving the deadline up from December...it only makes sense and whenever that deadline is you know the sides will push it. The GMs will have to start making decisions soon...originally I believe everyone was waiting on Marner and figured he would be the first done...that appears to be changing...

nyisisibossy asks...

What the EK is Lou waiting for? He has 3 RFA's to sign and it's not like they are top 6 players. Why so long on them?


chances are Lou has one more big play to make and these 3 RFAs know they are getting done and the deal they will sign...Lou is notorious for asking players to hold off on their announcements until all the other deals are done....Look at his history with the Devils and Anders Lee this season..

more answers coming...
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