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Enough Already!

September 5, 2019, 12:27 PM ET [489 Comments]
Karine Hains
Montreal Canadiens Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
You know the rumour I'm talking about, it's been around for a few months now and every minute that Patrik Laine doesn't sign with the Jets just makes that rumour more and more present online. Don't get me wrong, Laine is heck of a goal scorer but if the grapevine is to be believed, any trade for him starts with putting Domi and other pieces on the table. I'm sorry but it's a firm no on Domi.

Oh, I'm sorry, are you part of those who say that he's had one good season and that it was a one-off? I couldn't disagree more. Yes, his 72 points were a career best by far (20 points to be exact) but why on earth would that mean this is a one off? What we have here is a young player who struggled to make his mark in the desert (like most players let's face it), was then traded to a franchise that is a hockey hotbed and just fit right in. This is a kid who grew up in Toronto were the team meant everything to its city (even though they've won nothing since he, or even his dad for that matter, was born).

Max Domi loves the city, the spotlight and the fans. I don't think anyone can argue with that right? When he steps on the ice, he goes all in. There are no half arsed efforts, no shifts where he just seems to be gliding out there and no time where the fans are thinking "what the heck is wrong with Domi today?" (Well, ok maybe that one time he punched Ekblad in the kisser during the preseason). The bottom-line is; he has the skills, he has the showmanship and he has got the dedication to his team and not to himself. I think everyone knows I loved PK Subban but I can admit that he was causing frictions in the locker room and that's never good...That's why I was in the end able to accept that trade but should Bergevin decide to ship out Domi, how would he sell it to the public? The man is loved by his teammates, by the town and by everyone but the opposite teams and last time I checked, that's a good thing. If you go stand in the freezing cold in Brossard before practice to try and get autographs, Max Domi will stop. Not only will he stop but he will sign, pose for pictures and even chat and joke with you. Of course, he just got here so perhaps he's just not fed up with it all yet but for now, he does all this willingly and with a huge smile unlike say Carey Price who will stop IF there are kids in attendance but will not really looked please to do it.

I'd also had that Domi's 72 points last season are more than Laine ever got in a single year (his top is 70 - close but still). I know, Laine scores while Domi sets up but we do have other options to score. The fact of the matter is that the Canadiens were 5th overall last season on 5 on 5 scoring. This team is not as goal starved as some would have you believe. Yes, the power play needs to be sorted out I agree but I am ready to wait for them to find a solution without throwing north of 10 million to Laine who tends to fade when things do not go his way.

Maybe I'm naive, but I'd much rather save that money to give worthy deals to guys such as Domi, Gallagher and all the young guns we've got coming up. Yes, talent can be a building block to something great, but heart is also part of the equation and our current line-up has plenty...let's not ship it out and waste it. Let's drop the puck and forget all that silliness already.
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