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Do NHL Teams Ever Learn? + The Countdowns Resume

July 9, 2020, 12:23 PM ET [249 Comments]
James Tanner
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The New Jersey Devils have learned nothing.

Lindy Ruff?

In a move that can only be seen as questionable, the Devils recycled a head coach that did not have success in his last gig with Dallas.

What are they thinking?

They have a young, exciting team that has a real chance to be special, and they can't take the time to research one of the dozens of young, qualified, innovative and current hockey coaches currently working in junior hockey or the AHL?

They instead hire a guy who hasn't been a head coach in three years, who is over 60 years old, and who is not on the cutting edge of innovation. There are also quite a few people out there showing evidence that Ruff was one of the worst parts of the New York Rangers last year.

Oh well, it's the NHL, so you expect this kind of uncreative recycling.

Just for the record, the NHL's biggest and most expensive franchise recently hired a 30 year old GM and a rookie coach. With teams like New Jersey going to a veteran bench boss, the Devils are going against the trend of younger, more analytically attuned coaching.

Top 50 Coyotes Players

Coming in at #7 it's Shane Doan.

Now most people would probably have him higher, but I was never a fan. Sure, he's a great third liner, and probably even at his peak a very good first-line winger, but he's so overrated it's a bit of a turnoff.

Like, it's obvious that a constantly shaky franchise would embrace the one guy who wants to be there, but I come from Toronto where we hate star players and embrace only the Domis and Tuckers, and that's always been dumb to me.

Doan is a great member of the Coyotes family, but he makes #7 only because of longevity. There are a lot more talented members of the team.

Still, he was a great player. Just not a Hall of Famer.

He has played more than double the games of the next player on the Coyotes games played list.

He has 216 more goals than anyone else, and he is also the franchise leaders in assists, points, and penalty minutes.

But this list give credence to overall talent.

Top 50 Movies of All-Time

50: Limitless
49: Oh Brother Where Art Though?
48: Role Models
47: the Rock
46: Mission Impossible Franchise
45: Nicholas Cage Man Tetrology
43: The Art of Self Defense
42:Walk Hard
41: The Winter Soldier
39: The 6th Day
38: Groundhog Day
37. The Batman Trilogy - Christopher Nolan
36: Jackie Brown
35: Gremlins
34: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
33: Speed
32: Adventure Land
31: Eyes Wide Shut
30: Semi Pro
29. Endgame/Ragnorak Trilogy
28. Baby Driver
27: Next
26: Keanu
25:Annie Hall
24: Catch Me If You Can
23: Serpico
22: Pop Star: Never Stop Stopping
21: Passenger 57
20: The John Hughes Trilogy
19: MacGruber
18: Source Code
17 Live. Die. Repeat
16. The Lethal Weapon Franchise
15: Paycheck
14: The Fugitive
13: The Prestige
12: Enemy of the State
11: Con Air
10: High Fidelity
09: Zodiac
08: the Terminator

Today, coming in at #7 is a movie that I have seen probably 20 times, and which always gets better. It is Wes Anderson's 2001 masterpiece the Royal Tannenbaums.

My favorite author of all-time is J.D Salinger, and I'm guessing it's Wes Anderson's too, which is partly why I love this movie that seems very much based on the Glass family.

It turns out I was wrong when I declared Enemy of the State to be Gene Hackman's best work, because he's in this too and he's amazing as the titular Royal.

This movie is so good I didn't even dock it points for casting Gwyneth Paltrow or Ben Stiller, two actors I generally can't stand.

Everything about this movie is perfect - the writing, the sets, the tone, the acting and the soundtrack.

To be honest, I could have populated this list with at least five Anderson films, but I used this one to stand in for all of them, much like I did with both Zodiac and Prestige.

The Life Aquatic is every bit as good as the Royal Tannenbaums, and in some ways even better.
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