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Source: Rangers Considering Making Offer Sheet For Barzal; Fri's Buzz

October 23, 2020, 11:53 AM ET [73 Comments]
Are you ready for this?

Barzal Offer Sheet.

I am hearing the NY Rangers are weighing the options on making an offer sheet to Matthew Barzal. This is interesting on many levels of course...

* The Rangers/Islanders rivalry is one of the most intense in all of sports. If the Rangers make an offer sheet for Barzal they could seriously handcuff the Islanders moving forward...

* For this to happen, Matthew Barzal would have to agree to it, and I am very curious how Islanders fans would feel about their young star agreeing to go the sworn enemy.

* Lou and the Islanders would most likely match the offer, but if they don't, and the offer is large enough, Lou might be OK taking all those great draft picks from the Rangers.

* This move would further throw gasoline on this fire of a rivalry...

My thoughts...I can't help but think Lou has an idea of what he will be giving to Barzal and the Barzal camp may have to take less money with the flat cap on a shorter deal...

But it is one of the more intriguing rumors I have heard in some time...

Do you want to see it?

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