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Vegas’ Reverse Retro Jersey....and Four Other Winners

November 16, 2020, 1:28 PM ET [1 Comments]
Jeff Paul
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Jerseys and the Vegas Golden Knights have a complicated history. As the newest (for now) expansion team, the unveiling of the Golden Knights logo and first two sweaters was rightfully a grand event on the Las Vegas strip. The reveal garnered a mixed review from their soon-to-be rabid fan base.

Grey won over black for the home set, while the road set came in a traditional white with a fairly clean look. Not going with black was a head scratcher to start. In addition to grey and white, with gold accent, was the color red. Why red? The red was explained as a tip of the cap to the Red Rock Mountains and the former professional ECHL club, the Las Vegas Wranglers who donned the color as a primary.

Ok, red isn’t so bad and it was used sparingly as a simple stripe on the sleeves. Apparently, with black as a color option, Adidas and the Golden Knights threw some on the sleeves as well, along with some gold on top of the base grey. One sleeve, four colors. Too much.

Overall, their first set of jerseys looked fine. Very few loved or hated them, while many were and remain indifferent. Talk of an alternate third jersey sparked throughout seasons two and three. Eventually the club confirmed production, but were held up trying to get them just right. Anyone with a pulse knew what this meant; they were going to be over the top and gold. A Tampa Stanley Cup later and boom, gold jerseys surface.

Adidas launching the #ReverseRetro campaign was a shock to the Vegas faithful because now their team would have a jersey for every season they’ve been in. Four jersey options heading into season four. Like kids in a candy store, excitement and anticipation built.

In a stroke of genius, the Golden Knights went with their alternate logo, which is pretty amazing in its own right. Crossing swords will never be uncool. You have your Game of Thrones, I have my alternate logo. Red became the primary color of the Reverse Retro sweater, as you can see below.

Overall, the jersey is a success in my eyes. I have been critical of all three jerseys put out by the team, but I am on board with this rendition. I hope they use it often.

Red looks great as the primary and it really helps the alternate logo - which also features red- pop. Paying homage to the Wranglers was a success. Dating further back, the Las Vegas Thunder’s (‘93-‘99) “V” striping was included at the bottom, naturally in their grey and gold colors.

Although the team doesn’t have much of a history in town, those two professional clubs did. It’s not easy running a minor league franchise, especially in the desert, but those clubs had a meaningful effect on hockey in Las Vegas. Las Vegans fought for their Wranglers prior to the fold and that passion was seen by Bill Foley prior to and during his NHL bid.

It’s a really classy move by the organization, making a tribute to their efforts before a Golden Knight ever touched the ice. The Gary Jacobs’ and Billy Johnsons of the hockey world often go unnoticed. Thankless hours upon hours are spent trying to build a successful roster, a sustainable business, and maintain some sort of personal life. Many times those hours come to a premature end, but at least in the Wranglers’ and Thunders’ case, they’ve been honored and immortalized by the Golden Knights’ Reverse Retro uniforms.

One of the few failures of the new Retro jersey are the sleeves. They have once again put too many colors on each sleeve. Its busyness takes away from the clean, sharp look of the red sweaters. The bottom striping continued to the sleeves and underneath they finished with black. A return to red would’ve been a cleaner look, but that’s just me nitpicking.

Overall Grade: B+

There were many reveals early this morning and most of them were pretty good. Some were better than others, but most of all, this is a fun experience and everyone can now diversify their hockey jersey collections.

I narrowed down the releases to my favorite five. Hit me in the comments with your faves! You can also go harass me on Twitter!

Other Clear Winners on Reverse Retro Day:

Colorado Made a Solid Call Back to the Quebec Nordique Days:

Followed by the Canes’ Rewind to the Hartford Whalers:

The Coyotes’ Purple Gives Their Kachina Jerseys a Run for Their Money:

No Explanation Needed:

Black in a Flyers Jersey Always Pops:

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