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Three Wacky Predictions You Can Take to The Bank. I’m Sure You’ll Agree.

November 21, 2020, 2:28 PM ET [80 Comments]
So those of you who have been reading me for many years now already know that I like to throw out wacky predictions before the season begins. You also know that every year I get a few of these right and enjoy bragging about them for the rest of the year. I usually put out anywhere from 10 to 30 predictions, but this year I’m gonna start with just three… And there’s a reason for that...These three may be off the beaten track, But I’m 100% confident that most of these will occur 2/3 of the time time.

1. Vegas is NOT making the playoffs.

To me, the magic is fading. They have just become another team that goes out and signs players for a lot of money who are marginally better than players that they already had...ignoring who were part of the magic. Lehner in, Fleury basically out. Alex Pietrangelo in and Nate Schmidt out. And why exactly was Gallant fired? I’m not saying Vegas is a bad team at all, they’re a very good team...but every year a few very good teams that we think for sure will make the playoffs don’t. And this is their year.

2. The Washington Capitals will also missed the playoffs.

I know Peter Laviolette is there and he does a great job especially when taking over a new team. He really was the perfect signing for a team that has to win now. The Capitals are a team that has the win now and may have already missed that window. They looked very old and disjointed in the bubble and they haven’t gotten much younger. Again I think they’re a good team, but I think they’re primed to be knocked out. And I’ll take this prediction one step further and tell you that I believe the Washington Capitals will finish behind the New Jersey Devils in the standings. I believe the prognosticators out there are going to pick NJ way lower than they eventually will land.

3. OK so the first two predictions were a bit negative, so here’s a prediction that’s more on the positive side of things. The New York Islanders rookie goalie Ilya Sorokin will be the NHL rookie of the year. Not such a bold prediction maybe, but it is when you pair it with what I’m about to say next that it earns the proper “wacky” ID. Sorokin will also win the Vezina trophy. He will be the best goalie in the NHL next season. I know maybe I am just watching too many YouTube videos of this kid, but I’m convinced he has it all, and the 25 years old is perfectly primed to set some NHL records. I love his reflexes, his anticipation, his quickness for his size, his flexibility, the way he sees the ice, the way he never gives up on a shot, and even the way he carries himself in the crease. The Islanders already have a solid defense system, and I believe it will be almost impossible for Barry Trotz to not crown this kid the starter a few games in....

So I’m sure you all agree with me...right?

If not, let me know, and boldly go forward with one of your predictions. Love to hear it
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