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NHL and NHLPA not Meeting is Concerning...especially for a few teams.

November 28, 2020, 12:07 PM ET [56 Comments]
Start here today...The NHL and NHLPA are not meeting right now as they each take this time to reflect on reality and what must happen to get back on the ice and keep the sport moving forward..

Momentum is a funny thing. Its hard to grab, but so easy to lose...The NHL has had almost 20 years of forward momentum right now, but many of us can remember a time where EVERYTHING was a struggle for a sport that was trying to be considered top 4 in America along with football, baseball, and basketball.

The owners and league know they have to play and make it interesting to play ASAP. The players logically want what was agreed to, but also know that the pandemic's return and more potential shutdowns coming could spell disaster.

Every day that slips by causes damage to the sport, and especially some of the teams who are already hanging by life-support. I was flat out told that as many as three teams could be gone if a deal isn't reached over the next few days.

Those are high stakes and while a Thanksgiving break was alright (I guess) the sides need to get back to keeping the sport healthy and alive, or all these contracts won't amount to anything and future generations of hockey players will be playing for FAR less.

What's the buzz?
What would you do to fix this?
Who do you think takes the biggest hit for the sake of the sport?
What's your solution?

more to come
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