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Crowdsourcing: Is your team’s window opening, closing or worse? Mon's Buzz

June 27, 2022, 10:10 AM ET [58 Comments]
So now what?

The Stanley Cup has been handed out and around there that means one thing…Welcome to the “On Season.” Because now begins the craziest month of all…The draft is the set up for the free agent frenzy, and as we have seen a lot recently the draft can surpass the trade deadline when it comes to the raw amount of rumors that are flying.

So if I know anything about my readers this is your time. Hope springs eternal with the knowledge that future Stanley Cups will be lifted by what happens between now and the end of July…But how does a team decide what kind of direction you should go next.

Since there is no accounting for the incredible amount of luck that comes with a winning it all, the best a GM can do is try and keep his team as close to the best they can be for as long as they can be there…. It’s all about windows. Opening and Closing Windows….

So lets look at the teams around the NHL and how far that window is propped open as we site here a little more than a week before the draft…

For the sake of discussion, these are the categories…

*Window Wide Open:
This is a team in its prime. Very hard to keep a window Wide Open. Too many storms come around.

*Window Open, but closing:
This is a team that has had a wide open window for a while, but circumstance are closing that window..

*Window Opening:
This is a team heading in the right direction, not quite there yet, but any year now they could be.

*Window Stuck Halfway Open:
This is a team that is maintaining a sort of mediocrity…They are still going to good, but can they be great. However every time it rains everything in the house gets wet.

*Window Painted Shut:
This is team that is stuck in a place that they need to get some special tools to even get their window to budge. It was painted shut by a careless house owner who thought he was bettering the look of the window frame, but forgot it needs to be able to open.

*Window Shopping:
This is a team that needs to actually cut the hole in the drywall and install a window…

So no that I have stretched this metaphor WAY beyond what any reasonable person should do, lets ask the question…

Where is your team’s window?

Let me know in the comments, while I spend the morning calling around and digging for information to update the rumor chart and return this afternoon with a basket full of rumors for all of you to enjoy…Love this time of year!
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