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It’s Draft Day! Here Are 40 Reader Predictions For Tonight

July 7, 2022, 7:00 AM ET [2430 Comments]
Hank Balling
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On Tuesday, the call went out for readers to submit their predictions as to what the Sabres will do on day one of the NHL Entry Draft, and boy, did you deliver.

The Buffalo Sabres are scheduled to make three selections on draft night: they have their own pick at 9 overall, the Vegas Golden Knights’ selection at 16, and the Florida Panthers’ pick at 28. The contest received 40 entries which resulted in 36 unique predictions for those three selections. There were also two duplicate pairs.

For those who missed the last blog, here was the call to action:

1.) - Entrants must submit their Sabre-centric predictions by 8 pm on Wednesday, July 6.

2.) - Entrants must make one prediction regarding the outcome of each of the Sabres’ individual, first-round pick, for three (3) predictions in total

3.) - Those three predictions must either involve the selection of a 2022 draft-eligible prospect, or include the correct details of a trade involving the pick.

The person who makes the most correct guesses first will win a Buffalo Sabres sticker. Kinda lame, admittedly, but it’s about the bragging rights, really, isn’t it? Also, there is a better prize: Should someone get all three guesses correct, they will win a Dominik Hasek bobblehead which was given out during the final home game of the 2017-18 season. In the unlikely event that two people get the same three guesses correct, the first person to correctly guess the three answers will receive the Hasek prize and the second contestant to submit the correct answers will receive the lesser sticker prize. Also, I hate to do this, but all prizes apply only to the continental U.S. because mailing things overseas gets pretty pricey. But hey, if you happen to visit the States at some point, I'll buy you a beer and hand over the prize in person.

The predictions from the 40 reader submissions were incredibly unique, and there were some very interesting trends contained within, so let’s examine some of the most popular picks. The most popular selections at ninth overall are as follows:

1.) Matthew Savoie, C, Winnipeg Ice (WHL) – 10 votes

2.) Jonathan Lekkerimäki, RW, Djurgårdens IF (SHL) – 6 votes

3.) Cutter Gauthier, C/LW, U.S. National U18 Team (USDP) – 5 votes

Over half of the 9th overall predictions went to those three players, and from there it went wild.

11 readers think that Danila Yurov will go at pick 16. That number is actually higher than any prediction of a player to be taken at first overall. Eight of you think that Ivan Miroshnichenko will be selected with the last pick at 28 overall.

Here are your selections, as made in chronological order:

jcragcrumple (Not Eligible): Lekkerimaki, Lambert, Miroshnichenko

Buff36: Lekkerimaki, Nazar, Bichsel

homiedclown: Lekkerimaki, Lambert, Beck

joshs: Lekkerimaki, Nazar, Chesley

Leninthebuff: Savoie, Kasper, Howard

Powerslave: Lekkerimaki, Nazar, Pickering

Lunaion: Kasper, Yurov, Hutson

MGK1: Geekie, Firkus, Pickering

SyrSabreFan: Savoie, Yurov, Hutson

TomDelongeAva: Gauthier, Geekie, Chesley

Only_A_Ladd: Lekkerimaki, McGroarty, Schaefer

Pegullaville: Savoie, Lambert, Yurov

SDSabre: Savoie, Lambert, Miro

Boss34: Nazar, Howard, (move up 3 spots) Jimmy Snuggerud

Hatboro_Swords: Slafkovsky, Geekie, Chesley

turbo044: Jiricek - after a trade up, trading away the rights to Johnson and 41, Mcgroarty,

Fattony1187: Gauthier, Nazar, Yurov

f0neguy: Gauthier, Lambert, Beck

sabrerob: Savoie, Lambert, Gaucher

zdp1189: Savoie, Yurov, Miro

TheSabresTaco: Cutter, Yurov, Miro

HenryHockey: Savoie, Snuggerud, Chesley

mattmoulson: Korchinski, Yurov, Rinzel

lacaprup: Nazar, 16: traded with Krebs to Chicago for Pat Kane, Luneau

Sir Tindoom: Nazar, McGroarty, Buf gets #23, St.L receives # 28, #106, #187 (Miro)

100goalseason: Savoie, Snuggerud, Gaucher

BufBanditsFan71: Kasper, Nazar, Bichsel

Reubenkincade: Kemell, Ostlund, Trade to Canucks for Conor Garland.

IonSabres: Savoie, Lambert, Gaucher

DirtyDan: Savoie, Yurov, Howard

Anderdog: Yurov, Miroshnichenko, Lamoureux

KilkennyDan: Snuggerud, Nazar, Rinzel

J2theZ: Korchinski, Yurov, Bichsel

TaroTsujimoto5: Savoie, Yurov, Miroshnichenko

Stripes77: Cooley, Yurov, Miro

c2rds: Savoie, Snuggurud, Miro

Michael Ghofrani: Gauthier, 14. Yurov, Mesar

Riptheguard: Gauthier, Lambert, Miro

Gr8daygo: Mintyukov, Yurov, Miroshnichenko

lulags: Savoie, Trade for PLd, Goyette at 28

PrinceChill: Lekkirmaki, Kulich, Chesley

Duplicate answers were submitted by a couple of readers, starting with sabrerob and IonSabres who both selected Savoie, Lambert, Gaucher as their respective picks. zdp1189 and TaroTsujimoto5 both chose Savoie, Yurov and Miroshnichenko as their likeliest picks.
Will any of these be right? Who knows!

Thanks for participating and enjoy the draft tonight. As always, may the odds be ever in your favor.
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