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Teams Threatening to Offer Sheet Marner In Hopes of a Trade...

June 15, 2019, 4:59 PM ET [53 Comments]
Just talked to a source and there are at least three teams who will tell you they are at least exploring the option of an offer sheet for Mitch Marner...but honestly, how realistic is such a possibility? Marner is a great young player, but he is worth nowhere near the money being thrown around and nowhere near the 4 first round draft picks that such a contract would require....

So why are teams floating this out there? Some gamesmanship...sure...but also there is hope that the Leafs, who are in salary cap hell may be willing to talk trade. Teams want to force a trade and the Leafs know it.

The problem is there is no logic here...The difference between how much the Leafs value Marner vs. how much they should value him is vast... This is a great player, but not yet one of the top three players in the game.
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