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Consistency vs. Power. Which Wins in the Playoffs?

May 11, 2022, 12:59 PM ET [32 Comments]
This season’s playoffs are just endlessly fascinating. And never before has one factor been so clearly on display….

Consistency versus Power…

Consistent Teams….
They tend to be the more experienced teams. They don’t get rattled easily, the play within a strong, set system, they allow and wait for the other team to make mistakes. They play to win, not “NOT to lose.” They get contributions throughout the line-up. They can attack or counter attack.

Power Teams….
They have some players with Overwhelming Power, and for stretches of time they can absolutely dominate their opponent. They can to star driven but sometimes they are team oriented but have to play their game on the edge to have success. They can look amazing, but they also can look terrible. They ride waves of momentum and they need a goalie with a “bend don’t break” mentality…

Of course there are always instances where a team has both Power and Consistency, and these teams tend to win Cups. But for a team to be both is rare, by its nature….

In these playoffs we are seeing mostly matchups of teams in different sides…ofand the results can be blowouts and huge swings… In general Consistent Teams are better over the course of the game, but when playing a Power Team there will be 10-15 minutes where the Power Team simply overwhelms them and their goalie will be the difference.

Look at these series…

Tampa (Consistent/Power) vs Toronto (Power)St Louis (Consistent) vs. Minnesota (Power)
LA Kings (Consistent) vs Edmonton (Power)
Penguins (Consistent/Power) vs. NY Rangers (Power)
St Louis (Consistent) vs. Minnesota (Power/Consistent)
Colorado (Power/Consisent) vs. Nashville (Consistent)
Carolina (Consistent) vs. Boston (Power)
Florida (Power/Consistent) vs. Washington (Consistent/Power)
Calgary(Power) vs. Dallas (Consistent)

So what is better?

Consistency vs. Power?
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