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Host Cities Likely Toronto & Vegas,But Are Players Going to Play? Tues Buzz

June 30, 2020, 12:23 PM ET [122 Comments]
All signs are leading to Vegas and Toronto being named the host cities soon, with Edmonton being an alternate should issues arise in Vegas. There is no question that the situation in Vegas is starting to feel dicey, and I am told the NHL is not opposed to going to Canada for both host cities if the virus worsens much more in the States.

There is little doubt that Canada has handled the pandemic much better and besides that, there are simply less people in the country and more space...

But will the players show up?

It is a legit question and the NHL and NHLPA are talking about it a ton. Many of the players out there are rightfully concerned with how safe this really is and if the NHL is going to require isolation for all hotel/restaurant workers as well. An expensive but needed step, which so far both the NBA and MLB are unwilling to commit to..

Talking to any players out there the feeling is that they will just bite the bullet for the betterment of the game, but they aren't too happy about it. Panarin's letter last week tried to tie the playoffs to the NHL getting rid of the escrow....that appears to have been an isolated volley, as most players are aware that this may be the worst possible time for the owners to lose the security of the escrow...It would be a non-starter...

Hockey players are also unique in that I don't expect anyone to not show up. As Kevin Allen stated yesterday on the podcast...This is a joiner and go-along sport. And that is part of what makes these players the best there are to deal with.

What say you?

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