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Matthews Should Make MORE than McDavid, Kucherov Extended

July 10, 2018, 10:02 AM ET [336 Comments]
Kucherov Extended 8 years with Tampa...

This is breaking news...more to come and how this will definitely affect Karlsson...

Auston Matthews Should Make More Per Year than Conner McDavid..

For me this is a no brainer...

First, please understand I am taking nothing away from Connor McDavid. Nothing at all.

In fact, I am not even saying Auston Matthews is 100% better than McDavid...although "better" is a complicated word when it comes to these things....

What I am saying is that the common perception I ALWAYS hear is getting to me...I always hear how McDavid is 100% the best player and should be 100% paid the most money. It is commonly stated with such certainty by many analysts in a way as to say...."of course this is the case."

Auston Matthews is every bit as valuable and every bit as talented as Connor McDavid. They are very different in their style and game, but they are every bit equal in value...in fact Auston is MORE valuable. Matthews has already shown an uncanny ability to makes those around him better...and he has out-performed McDavid in that way... He has also done so with considerably less ice-time.

The Maple Leafs appear to be on far more solid ground as well...and this was before Tavares entered...Their turn-around to this point has EVERYTHING to do with Auston Matthews. Matthews has taken the Leafs to the playoffs twice already.

McDavid has unmatched speed and and unmatched ability to play the game at that speed...that flash is fantastic to watch...But Matthews does EVERYTHING well....and many things better....

What say you?

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