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NHL can't pro-rate salaries, so more deferrals are needed...

November 18, 2020, 12:07 PM ET [12 Comments]
We all remember the fun that baseball had with their salary structure last year...The season almost didn't happen at that point until the players finally decided to play at the prorated-rate and have a season.

Well, the NHL and NHLPA added something to their new deal that would NOT allow players salaries to be pro-rated... so instead the NHL's only option, in order to play this season largely without fans, is to ask the players to defer some of their money for this season...That number started at ten percent, but the NHL is really nervous and is now asking for another 13%...essentially 23% of their money will have to be deferred...

The players have yet to agree to this of course...and one issue facing them is some of the new contracts came with such large signing bonuses that deferring money is not possible...The NHL and NHLPA are working that part out and should have a solution soon I am told...

Stay tuned...
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