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Wings Nedeljkovic stands tall, scoring shows up as Wings win 4-2

November 24, 2021, 10:23 PM ET [33 Comments]
Jeremy Laura
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Catching up - most of you know that I’ve been gone for a while. I had to take a break from blogging because issues related to my disability have made it almost impossible to blog. I honestly can’t even watch the games. The pain is just overwhelming. Tonight I try to watch what I can with the sound off but can’t focus on the screen for more than about 30-45 seconds. There are several other things going on, but it may not be relevant, and I don’t want this to be too much of a “pity blog”.

I don’t know if this is a “permanent” set back or just something to do with seasonal issues (rain exacerbates headaches). My current reality is that I can’t watch hockey, and it’s a struggle to even put my thoughts together. I miss the blog, and all of you. My hope is that there will be some improvement. I’m going to try and function with doing posts on game days. If I can’t get over the hump, it will be time to step aside.

Now that I’ve gotten past that, how did Detroit do tonight?

Game Summary - the scoring was thus, 2 players who continue to climb the ranks added to their numbers (Raymond and Larkin) and 2 players who needed a break found one (Fabbri and Erne). I honestly had to do a bit of rewinding and turning sound on and off, but watched the game as well as I could. LCA looks to have a home advantage for this team.

Hockey, like life, can seem “unfair” at times. In this case, St. Louis dominated the second period and much of the third, but Nedeljkovic has been better and better, and Detroit’s top line finds ways to break through when being outplayed. Tonight, Erne tallied the winner on a beautiful bar down shot about 40 ft out with a nice screen. Fabbri practiced some primal scream therapy after a late (and very welcome) empty net shot. Detroit got goal tending and scoring that belied the dominant play of St. Louis.

That’s ok. It’s a balancing act. The Wings found themselves shunned in Arizona by an outstanding performance in net. There will, ultimately, be balance. At just past the quarter mark, Detroit is still a hockey .500. Impressive. Raymond leads rookie point totals, impressive. Nedeljkovic continues to look more and more, well, impressive.

It’s hard not to pull for Pius Suter. He seems to make big plays quite a bit but isn’t always rewarded for it. His defensive play has picked way up. Unfortunately, it’s the offensive side (beyond the top line and Namestnikov) that is a bit elusive for the second line. Just wanted to send some kudos for the effort.

Raymond is only about 4 points off of Yzerman’s rookie campaign. Given the difference in goal tending, that’s fairly close to par. This is a very special rookie. Part of the heart break of missing out on blogging is how much is exciting about this team. Even now I’m typing with my eyes closed (thank God for auto correct). I desperately want to get this posted.

I love this game, and I love this group. All of you are a blessing and part of a dream come true. I will fight to try and keep going, but I know it may be a situation out o my hands. Luckily, typing (even with my eyes closed) is one of the last skills that I have been able to hold on to. I took a class in high school along with nearly 40 years of piano playing. It just stuck. At my best i could do almost 120 wpm. My wife would hold conversations with me while I typed reports and lyrics when I was a music director. Just grateful to have this.

I love you all, (in different and special ways). If I can’t make it through, please know that. You’ve challenged me, encouraged me, and made being on permanent disability have a bright spot (along with Frank Stallone Guitars, GJ, if you’re reading, bless you). I’ve held on to pieces of my humanity through your support. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

First Period Red Wings’ goals:

Lucas Raymond continues heads near point per game trot as Larkin and Bertuzzi worked hard to get the puck out of the defensive zone. Bertuzzi’s pass was picked up by the 19 year old rookie just behind the St. Louis defense, he skated in and capitalized on the breakaway.

Raymond’s 8th goal of the year:

2nd period Red Wings’ goals:

St. Louis seemed to have all the momentum as Nedeljkovic was standing tall (and some impressive defensive play by Suter). Out of the blue at around the 8 minute mark, Detroit gets the puck into the St. Louis zone. Leddy got the puck to Fabbri whose shot trickled past Zadina (looked like he may have gotten a stick on it) and Larkin skated in fresh off the bench and scored his 10th of the season. *Zadina was given primary assist, he did deflect the puck to Larkin. That may well have been Detroit’s first shot of the second period. The Captain could be on pace to break 30 goals (as could Bertuzzi, Raymond could get close). May not happen, but an impressive start for 10 goals in the first 21 games (and he’s missed a couple)

Larkin’s 10th:

Third Period Red Wings’ goals:

St. Louis had tied up the game early in the third (Veleno out with injury early on as well). At 4:38, Erne took a pass from Namestnikov, skated it to center ice (about 40 ft out), shot it in bar down. Wings regain the lead.

Erne’s 3rd of the season:

St. Louis continued to outplay Detroit, but a drought-ridden Robby Fabbri scored an empty net tally with 1:15 left in the third period. He skated hard to chase the puck and shot from just barely off the red line. His elation was a literal “scream”. Those goals can be an oasis for a player who’s working hard but not getting results.

Fabbri’s empty net tally:

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