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Reverse Retro: The Leaping Cat Returns

November 16, 2020, 12:00 PM ET [23 Comments]
Matt Ross
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Panthers fans can disagree on a lot when it comes to the organization - there’s a good amount of ammo to do so - but one thing I think most folks can agree on is their love for the leaping cat logo. One of the big complaints I see (since the rebrand in 2016) is people’s angst for the new logo. Sure, a lot of us have gotten used to the new look, a small percentage even like it, but I think peopl long for the original.

After teasing their jerseys for their “Reverse Retro” Jersey concepts, Adidas has released all their designs today, and I must say...I think the Florida’s looks incredible!

Here’s a nice still:

Adidas used the Cats most successful season, the ‘96 campaign (1995-96) as inspiration for these bad boys.

What I Like

Obviously, right off the bat, seeing the original leaping cat back on a sweater is an automatic win for me. I was a little nervous they were going to do the updated version, but pleasantly surprised they didn’t. Good looking out, Adidas!

I like that they utilized the angled stripes and putting the palm tree shoulder patch back in its rightful spot is perfect. They pretty much nailed the exact 1996 look, minus some different color choices. I’m really happy they did this because they went in some different directions for some of the other teams.

What I’m surprised I like is the chunky white accent stripes. I know the originals had white piping, but they were much smaller and more subtle, but I think for this new jersey, the thicker white stripes work nicely to break up the dominate navy - the gold is also a great subtle touch in place of the original white.

I can’t wait to see what the whole setup will look like. I assume the same solid navy pants, gloves and buckets will be used, but the socks will be what ties it all together.

As mentioned before, with the palm tree logo back on the shoulder, I’m hoping they’ll go with the actual “Florida Panthers” font with leaping cat above it decal on the helmet. See below:

[image from SportsLogos.net]

What do you guys think of the jerseys?

The league should make them have to use Sher-Wood, Easton, Cooper, etc., gear for these games - HA!


Can’t wait to see these on the ice...Go Panthers!

Long live retro!

[Image from NHL.com]
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