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Most players not comfortable with NHL restart plan

June 30, 2020, 12:34 PM ET [51 Comments]
Ryan Wilson
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Covid-19 is still a huge issue in the United States. The southern and the western sections of the country are being hit hard and most of the northeast is "holding steady". Very few states are actually in decline (Connecticut and Rhode Island). We are seeing the negative consequences of not having everybody buying into masks. We are seeing states who rushed to open things back up start closing things back down. We are not on cusp of moving on with the virus, at least in the United States.

The NHL players have taken notice and let's just say they aren't overly excited about the prospects of playing.

Who can blame them? We have already seen reports of 15 players having the virus. Even though NHL players are in an age group with minimal risk of fatality we still do not know other negative impacts of the respiratory virus and the long term ramifications. If my livelihood was strongly based on my VO2 max I know I wouldn't want to roll the dice with it.

It appears the NHL isn't doing much to help comfort the players. The league seems money based and not health based

Despite these concerns we have to remember hockey culture still runs through the veins of NHL players. You need to do what is best for the team. You need to put your own health at risk. You mustn't speak out and have an individual opinion on the record.

I have minimal confidence in the NHL's ability to role out a safe return to play model at this point in time and I would rather have no season than to see the players put in harm's way. I cannot blame the players for feeling this way. They are being asked to leave their families for weeks or even months to facilitate this half baked return to play plan.

We've lost a season due to greed we can lose a season to pandemic. I just don't see how the league successfully pulls this off unless things change dramatically

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