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The Sean Maloughney Summer Report Card

May 14, 2019, 2:10 PM ET [163 Comments]
Sean Maloughney
Edmonton Oilers Blogger • RSSArchiveCONTACT
Hello my dear and cherished readers, it's nice to talk with you all today.

We've been together now for about a year and things are starting to get serious. I'm feeling a real connection with all of you and it might be too soon to say, but I'm really starting to feel like together we can go the distance and that this can be a long term thing.

In the last year you've all listened to me ramble on about a number of topics. I've given you all game day blogs to discuss, player profiles, rants on management, trade rumours, trade proposals, firing cheap jokes at the expense of other teams, and plenty more. I like to think that I've given you all plenty to discuss, and just maybe, helped to sway some of you who may have had different opinions on some subjects.

As always here at HockeyBuzz, I want you all coming to this site because you enjoy discussing with one another, and come for content that is meaningful to you. In such a way, I have prepared a simple little questionnaire that I would encourage you all to fill out. How do you think I have been doing?

This is more than just an opportunity for me to stroke my own ego, I honestly want to know what you, the readers want more of. and what kinds of things you want to read about in what will likely feel like a very long summer for Oilers fans.

Fans of all teams are welcome to do this. Either write your answers to the questions below in the comments section or feel free to message them to me directly.

1.) The thing I enjoy most of Sean's blogs is:

2.) What I enjoy least of Sean's blogs are:_______________________________________

3.) I feel Sean doesn't cover enough:___________________________________________

4.) Sean's blogs would be if they contained more visuals, graphs, etc: Y/N

E.) Sometimes Sean is inconsistent with his posts Y/N

6.) Topics I want Sean to cover this summer include:

7.) Overall Grade:


Have some fun with this, I'm clearly expecting some less than serious answers from some of you (you know who you are) but I am genuinely interested in knowing what else I can provide for my readers. I look forward to reading your responses.
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