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Looks like marriage is in...the cards?

November 22, 2021, 12:09 PM ET [0 Comments]
Shawn Gates
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The proposal. Few things have created more stress for us guys than the lead up to this momentous occasion if not for any other reason that wanting to ensure it remains memorable. It used to be that much of this was front loaded, with emphasis being placed on finding the right ring. The one that on first sight they’ll think we’re mind readers as it’s exactly what they would have chosen! Key phrase here: used to be. With the ring shopping having become an increasingly collaborative effort with no surprise about “if” the proposal happens, the stress has now become back loaded to the “when” and “how” of the whole ordeal. Production value is central here, as surprising someone who knows what is coming needs both stealth and flash. It’s a challenge to meet all challenges!

Enter collector Devan Bruce. Devan found himself in the exact scenario above: How do I propose to my partner Devon in a way that will be both unique, eventful and memorable. His idea: Placing the ring and proposal in a sealed pack of cards. With a little back and forth with Upper Deck, Devan was able to have a pack produced containing both the ring and a card (with the proposal placed on the back of a card featuring the couple). Delivered to the local card store in Kingston, Ontario, Devan and Devon, accompanied by a friend (Devon’s older brother & Devan’s best friend), walked into the familiar shop in early November to crack a few packs. Devon, while not the collector her boyfriend is, did enjoy helping him when it came time to open some packs, and as such didn’t seem to be thrown off by the whole ordeal. Even when a camera was popped out for some filming, Devon was under the impression the store was filming a piece on couples collecting, and didn’t flinch.

Then, the pack was cracked. On the back of the couples feature card was the following:

“After spending five years in the minors, the Devs have been called up to the big show! Bursting with potential and having paid their dues in the minors, Devan is ready to make it official.”

The essentials: She said “Yes”. She also LOVED the proposal. As for Devan? Rightful concern he may have set the bar too high for future anniversaries! Check out the full article here at the Kingston Whig Standard for even more details around the happy couple.

Positive vibes to you all. Please put some care into you and yours this beautiful day and look out for one another where possible! Our impact on others with even the smallest of actions, is far greater than we tend to realize. My best your way…


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