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November 19, 2020, 2:37 PM ET [9 Comments]
Thomas Townsend
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Not much is going on in CBJ-land these days. The announcement of the Reverse Retro jersey was about as exciting as it gets.


Blue Jackets red jersey...okay sounds interesting. Knowing that the theme is 'retro' I assumed the logo would be the old "CJB" logo as there isn't much else to choose from (other than Stinger head). My expectations were not high, as most CBJ jerseys lack excitement. If not red for this jersey, the alternative would have been some sort of monochrome (black/gray/white) as they already sport a blue and a white primary colored jersey.

The Reveal

As seen in the video above, these are not exciting at all. They lacked creativity. It is simply the 2000 jersey with red as the primary color, white as the secondary and blue as the accent. Even the number font matches 2000. I get the 'retro' idea, that the 2000 jerseys were the inspiration and that the CBJ don't have a long past to pull ideas from but this is in a word: Uninspired. It almost seems like the CBJ did the least amount to meet the league requirement of a 'new retro' jersey for this season.

My Fix

Several fan concepts exist out there. Most of them included the color scheme in the CBJ current 3rd jerseys (Navy, Carolina Blue and Cream). The idea of using those colors, either the Carolina Blue or Cream, as the primary color was appealing to me. And I don't mind using the "CJB" logo and original number font, but the idea of just copying original design and applying different colors was a missed opportunity.

My choice would have been to go 'retro' with an old-school type jersey design rather than just a prior CBJ jersey. I'm thinking something with three sleeve stripes and traditional shoulder yoke design. Still simple, but new design for this team. No matter what would have been presented, their would have been detractors.

Ultimately this doesn't impact the product on the ice, so not terribly concerning. What does concern me is the lack of news about signing PLD...

Good Luck and GO JACKETS
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