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Forums :: Blog World :: HockeyBuzz Wire: Caps re-sign Tom Wilson to 6 yr deal
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HockeyBuzz Wire
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Jul 27 @ 11:43 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Wire: Caps re-sign Tom Wilson to 6 yr deal
Washington Capitals
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Jul 27 @ 11:47 PM ET
Ottawa Senators
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Jul 27 @ 11:49 PM ET
Holy cow that's a lot of $$$ for that guy!!
Joined: 07.24.2009

Jul 28 @ 12:01 AM ET

What a contract!!

Way to waste that Orpik money that you just saved
Montreal Canadiens
Location: Ottawa, ON
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Jul 28 @ 12:10 AM ET
If he can keep up the rugged style AND continually put up 40+ pts(with 20 or more being goals) for the next 6 years .. then yes, totally worth it, if not, then no.
Vancouver Canucks
Joined: 07.04.2012

Jul 28 @ 12:19 AM ET

He was an RFA without arbitration rights.
But yet this screams of desperation like he was a UFA.

How can GM's still not identify replacement level wingers.
Do you know how many guys would look good with Ovy and Kuznetsov.

It reminds me of the sedins who made scrubs look like 1st line talents.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Jul 28 @ 12:22 AM ET
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Los Angeles Kings
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Jul 28 @ 12:29 AM ET
Definitely an overpayment. I’d say 4-6 years around $4 million may have more been the financial sweet spot
Joined: 06.27.2012

Jul 28 @ 12:59 AM ET
They will regret the contract after 1 season
Montreal Canadiens
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Jul 28 @ 1:01 AM ET
Location: I will not go into detail why we think we are a better team, but we feel we are a better team. - MB, QC
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Jul 28 @ 1:06 AM ET
Did I read the calendar wrong?

Must be April 1st....
Joined: 12.19.2016

Jul 28 @ 1:13 AM ET
How many years of UFA did this buy?

Even with a couple years of UFa, that seems like an overpayment. Honestly, wouldn't 3.8 per be a price for him? Or am I under-valuing the rest of him?

Pat Maroon salary looks absolutely amazing compared to this.
Joined: 06.08.2011

Jul 28 @ 1:44 AM ET
What????? Are you kidding me? Worst contract all time. All of a sudden Lucic is considered a bargain sniper
Joined: 06.08.2011

Jul 28 @ 1:50 AM ET
I’m sorry. I find this contract so insane, I have to say it again. Tom f...n Wilson. 5 mil??? Hahaha!!! Every tram will compare their lousy deals to this one. Hey, at least I didn’t sign Wilson to give mil. OMG!!!
Joined: 06.08.2011

Jul 28 @ 1:53 AM ET
Sorry for spelling errors. No reading glasses and I’m drunk. Still would not have done this deal. Yes....that’s how I really feel
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Greensburg, PA
Joined: 07.02.2011

Jul 28 @ 3:52 AM ET
Ummmm... If he jumps to 20 goals a season, cuts out the stupid penalties, and continues to hit WITHOUT getting suspended....he'd be worth 4.5. Right now he's a 3.5 million player that probobly could have been at at 4 million.
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Jul 28 @ 4:15 AM ET
The only good thing is the term
Joined: 12.05.2012

Jul 28 @ 4:22 AM ET
Tom Wilson 1- Caps 0
Take an average of 100,000 per point and maybe you get to 3-3.5 a year
They will regret this one real soon
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Joined: 05.11.2014

Jul 28 @ 6:02 AM ET
Just another shining example of the Stanley Cup tax.. all for a guy whose never cracked 20 goals and broke 30+ points (35) once in his career.
Tampa Bay Lightning
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Joined: 08.18.2014

Jul 28 @ 7:53 AM ET
This makes me feel a lot better with JT Miller's contract.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Joined: 02.24.2015

Jul 28 @ 9:05 AM ET
Wow, worse then the Clarkson contract!
BUT he could be the Knuble of the team, if so, it'll pay off.
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Hamilton, ON
Joined: 06.25.2010

Jul 28 @ 10:08 AM ET
The deal right now is bad but it can turn good depending how Wilson develops. The contract goes until Wilson is 30. If he continues to improve then 5 mill could be a steal. If not then they are over paying for a mediocre player.
Anaheim Ducks
Location: long beach, CA
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Jul 28 @ 10:09 AM ET
The term is fine ... but the money.....
But don't you think the money could have been better spent on this guy..

Johansson, 26, has two years remaining on a three-year, $13.75 million contract he signed July 20, according to CapFriendly.com. The contract has an average annual value of $4.58 million.

Johansson set NHL career highs in goals (24), points (58) and plus/minus (plus-25) in 82 games for the Capitals last season. He had eight points (two goals, six assists) in 13 Stanley Cup Playoff games.
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Edmonton Oilers
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Jul 28 @ 12:04 PM ET
Just another shining example of the Stanley Cup tax.. all for a guy whose never cracked 20 goals and broke 30+ points (35) once in his career.
- leafsfann

You guys will probably have to pay the Cup tax next summer....except it’s Toronto and everyone will take a discount to remain a part of the team and become the greatest cup winning Dynasty of all time.
Philadelphia Flyers
Location: Union City, CA
Joined: 07.14.2007

Jul 28 @ 12:33 PM ET
They know this is Tom Wilson and not Doug Wilson right?
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