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Bob Duff
Location: Windsor, ON
Joined: 11.10.2014

Oct 8 @ 7:12 PM ET
Bob Duff: New Season, More Of The Same? Two games into the NHL regular season, the signposts are familiar ones to the Detroit Red Wings. An overtime loss in Game 1 against the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Wings were 3-12 in OT last season. A one-goal setback in the opener, and a 4-2 loss with an empty-net goals Sunday at Los Angeles - essentially another one-goal defeat. The Wings lost an NHL-high 27 one-goal decisions last season. Two goals scored in each loss, for a team that failed to get to three goals in 42 of 82 games last season.
Toronto Maple Leafs
Joined: 08.04.2017

Oct 8 @ 8:28 PM ET
Quoting the Red Wings website. Some hard hitting reporting there.

Lol is this what you mean mods when you say Bob is "old school"?
Vegas Golden Knights
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Oct 9 @ 3:18 PM ET
I’ve had a chance to watch every game so far this season and I think they look pretty good. Excited about this young roster that is only going to get better and better. I thought they carried the play mostly in both the LA and Anaheim games. As confidence and comfort builds, I think the wings will be able to foster more aggressive offensive zone pressure where they seem to lack. One goal losses do suck, but they are in these games. That matters.