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Forums :: Blog World :: Jay Greenberg: It Got Late Early for Stevens and Quenneville
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Jay Greenberg
Joined: 09.29.2017

Nov 6 @ 10:42 AM ET
Jay Greenberg: It Got Late Early for Stevens and Quenneville
Philadelphia Flyers
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Nov 6 @ 11:59 AM ET
Good read.
Season Ticket Holder
Philadelphia Flyers
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Nov 6 @ 12:04 PM ET
This is a great post. Craig Ramsay and Terry Murray have always been, in my eyes, two of the best at getting a lot out of not so much in the roles they have had over the years. Murray, who will tell you himself, that he is a perfecftionist and that it gets the better of him, is a great teacher of defense and of creatively getting the most out of pairings. On the other hand, he was also always good at knowing which of his forward lines would work best against which pairing too.

Adding Coach Q and Stevens to the unemployment line means that there are more attractive options available for teams that may feel the season slipping away, or like dropping back to punt. If I was Seattle, I would get one of them on board as early as possible to be part of the expansion draft and plan for the first few years of existence. If I was one of the younger teams or teams with younger Defensive Corps or Forward corps could benefit from any of the above as an assistant.

It is a thankless job and as they always say, you are hired to be fired.
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Nov 6 @ 4:46 PM ET
Terrific piece, Jay!! Enjoyed the read. Thank you!!👍
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Nov 6 @ 6:49 PM ET
Any job that is described as being hired to be fired cannot be much fun. Pro coaches deserve every dollar they make, they’ve earned every penny.
John Jaeckel
Chicago Blackhawks
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Nov 12 @ 4:45 PM ET
Nice piece.