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Steve Palumbo
Anaheim Ducks
Location: Orange, CA
Joined: 11.28.2017

Dec 13 @ 1:06 PM ET
Steve Palumbo: The case for Kase
Anaheim Ducks
Location: long beach, CA
Joined: 01.29.2014

Dec 13 @ 1:31 PM ET
Kase money is a guy that can create by himself or finish equally well... which the Ducks don’t have many of. Sprong is another guy that can go 1x1 and win .. Guys that are dangerous by themselves are going to make Ducks a pain going forward.

Team is playing well and seeming to jell with lots of youth playing.

Montour another kid just Rocking it.
Tom Dusome
Season Ticket Holder
Location: Ajax, ON
Joined: 06.28.2007

Dec 13 @ 4:48 PM ET
Fell head over heels for Kase last year. He's going to be a good one. If he stays healthy.
Anaheim Ducks
Location: Huntington beach, CA
Joined: 02.21.2008

Dec 13 @ 8:59 PM ET
Diamond in the rough, so is Manson
Anaheim Ducks
Location: CA
Joined: 02.20.2015

Dec 16 @ 11:17 PM ET
Amazing the impact that getting Kase back has had on this team. You really can point to his return as the turning point in the Ducks season.