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Jan 10 @ 1:24 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Midseason Selke Trophy picks
New York Rangers
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Jan 10 @ 1:25 PM ET
so this is the Corsi trophy now?
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New York Rangers
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Jan 10 @ 1:31 PM ET
so this is the Corsi trophy now?
- jimbro83

c'mon, it was just a matter of time!
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Jan 10 @ 1:32 PM ET
Tessier, why you gotta do me like this?
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Jan 10 @ 1:33 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Midseason Selke Trophy picks
- ToddCordellVAN

With Stone on the ice, the Senators give up 13.4 fewer shot attempts/60 than they do without him. Among 273 forwards who have logged at least 400 minutes at 5v5, that's the 2nd best differential. He fares similarly well in the chance department, as the Senators give up 6.62 fewer per 60 with him on the ice. That differential ranks him 3rd.

Who ranks 1st in those categories?
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Boston Bruins
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Jan 10 @ 2:49 PM ET
Just rename it the Bergeron-Cleary award and be done with it.
Boston Bruins
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Jan 10 @ 2:54 PM ET
There is no one better than St. Patrice.
Edmonton Oilers
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Jan 10 @ 3:01 PM ET
How one can reason that Kotkaniemi should even be in the conversation based on raw Corsi data is insane to me.
Montreal Canadiens
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Jan 10 @ 3:23 PM ET
For the youngest player in the league playing as a true C those CA and CF numbers for Kotkaniemi are pretty crazy.

That said...no. Stone deserves it regardless of playoffs.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Jan 10 @ 4:54 PM ET
c'mon, it was just a matter of time!
- 21peter


i like stone and think he's one of the top all round wingers in the game.

but those numbers are as much or more about him playing on an ahl team.

on a average nhl team, those numbers would not be that over the top.
Colorado Avalanche
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Jan 10 @ 5:52 PM ET
Landeskog. Show some respect to my handsome captain