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Buffalo Sabres
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Jan 11 @ 1:14 PM ET
GARTH'S CORNER: Skinclusion
Buffalo Sabres
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Jan 12 @ 2:17 AM ET
Did you forget that the Canes got Hamilton in the trade Garf?

Also you trade a player who has no interest in staying with your team ie Skinner.

You call what we gave up for Skinner basically nothing but what we got in return for Kane a treasure trove of assets? Lol...

I love the Sabres man but you are just a fanboy writing this stuff AKA a homer.
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Jan 12 @ 11:35 AM ET
I feel like a glorious opportunity was missed for "Skin in the game"
Philadelphia Flyers
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Jan 12 @ 3:15 PM ET
Garf also wrote Skinners’ agent promo to extract BIG money for his next contract. Why does he ask such the stupid question “why test free agent waters? It’s called money you dope(Garf)!! Unless the Pegulas make the best offer, he’ll move on. Simple math for a simple mind. He really is a homer with no logic!
Buffalo Sabres
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Jan 13 @ 10:10 AM ET
Boy you know what would look really good now is a top notch 2nd center, like maybe Ryan Reilly. I would give back the treasure trove of assets they got for him in a second right now. The best thing coming from the trade was Bergland going AOL and freeing up cap space. Currently the only thing that can save this deal is the 1st round pick they got. The 2 players at the bottom of the +/- chart for the team both were... you guessed it.. traded for ROR. But for every trade you get right , there is a chance you get one wrong too. My guess is ROR attitude would be much better with this team, winning, plus I am sure they would have more points now if he was here, which would have made things even better.
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Jan 13 @ 1:39 PM ET
Bingo is not gonna like this