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Paul McCann
Nashville Predators
Location: Nolensville, TN
Joined: 09.15.2005

Feb 11 @ 8:10 AM ET
Paul McCann: NWHL Stars Shine and A Lost Weekend
Nashville Predators
Joined: 02.26.2018

Feb 11 @ 9:47 AM ET
This team is so frustrating to watch. It seems like they can't control the puck at all, be it bad passes or just general puck handling, they always turn the thing over. And the next time I hear these national announcers go on an on about our defense, I'm going to punch someone. It's not the defense of two or three years ago, it's average.

And I think if I were both Pekka and Juuse, I would start trashing the locker room during and after games because they are being hung out to dry way too often.

Bottom line, while they were so concerned about competing with the Jets, the rest of the division caught up. Not sure another move will help. This team has issues.
St Louis Blues
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Feb 11 @ 10:38 AM ET
It was a great weekend.
I would have said both teams played great Sunday. The Preds made a huge push in the third. If we got your normal compliants about the reffing you might note two goals came when O'Reilley was tripped and slashed down while controlling the puck. Or how the great McLeod made a dangerous hit. The Preds still haven't lost as many man games this season and all I heard for a while was shorthanded Preds blah blah blah.