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Dan Wallace
Joined: 09.15.2005

May 11 @ 1:18 PM ET
Dan Wallace: Playoffs, Just Get In
Minnesota Wild
Joined: 10.19.2008

May 12 @ 11:38 AM ET
Trade half the team and get as many picks built up as possible! Fletcher did all he could to bring a cup to Minny, but it didn't turn out well. Now it's time to pick up the pieces. PICKS PICKS PICKS this off season, no "big" trades to try and make the team better now. Rebuild and let us ride it out for the next 2-3 seasons and see what comes.
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Minnesota Wild
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May 13 @ 2:07 PM ET
TB, so are you saying trade Donato, Fiala, Greenway, Kunin and Sturm? Because they really can't trade Parise, Suter or Koivu. It would be considered extremely stupid to have resigned Staal, just to trade him away...especially since they would have gotten more for him in a trade at the trade deadline then they could right now.

There really is only a few players that can be on the block, and 3 of them are defensemen. Realistically, the Wild can deal Spurgeon, Brodin, Pateryn and Zucker. You could include Foligno, but I think his value at the 4th line LW spot is pretty good. Eriksson Ek is another one that could be traded away, but the Wild need centers and youth, and that is exactly what he is. Then there is Rask...I know the BB and Fenton have both now said they are hoping to work with him and try to make him the player he was a few years ago. I think they just got fleeced in the deal and need to sever ties now with a buyout.

So, truthfully speaking, the 4 I listed are really the Wild's best (and only) tradable assets. And they aren't covered well enough in Iowa to trade them all away. TO me, best case scenario is trading Spurgeon and Zucker, and getting some proven, scoring youth from either Toronto or Tampa Bay.

And NO picks.