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Dan Wallace
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May 13 @ 10:04 AM ET
Dan Wallace: Kunin Impresses, Greenway, Donato Not So Much
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May 13 @ 2:17 PM ET
Not really surprised by how Kunin is playing. He is kind of a younger version of Parise...maybe a tad less skilled. But those 2 compete at 120% every time they are on the ice, no matter where they are playing. There is a reason that lots of people consider Kunin a Captain of the future.

When it comes to Donato and Greenway, I guess I am not completely surprised by the play of Donato in Iowa. I think he mopes a bit when in the AHL, as that is what he was doing when with Boston. He's young and probably doesn't get it completely yet. Hopefully, he will mature a little faster and understand that the playoffs in Iowa are actually a benefit for him. He was sent there and Eriksson Ek wasn't...although Ek might have not been eligible either.

As for Greenway, I am very surprised by his lack of interest. Again, he's just a young guy, so maybe it's not clicking with him as well, that this is a benefit for him. Need to put these 2 in a room with Cal O'Reilly and let him talk some sense into them. As an elderly neighbor of mine used to say "that boys needs an altitude adjustment" (yes, altitude, not attitude).

I have to add, at least speaking for myself, I'm glad you are back and writing Dan. I was getting really bored.
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May 14 @ 9:47 AM ET
It's disappointing to hear that about Donato. In his short time in Boston you could see flashes of his ability. I hope he sorts it out or he will be leaving a lot of money on the table.