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Forums :: Blog World :: Mike Augello: Leafs heading to Traverse City for 2019 Rookie Tournament
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Jul 13 @ 9:36 AM ET
Rielly Barrie
Muzzin Ceci
Sandin Borgman

Holl cannot play in the NHL. He sucks.

- Tanooki

if you are penciling Marincin into the NHL roster AHEAD of Holl... you have issues related eyesight. If there's anyone who hasn't been given any kind of reasonable trial run with the Leafs... its Holl.

Marincin has tried and failed perhaps 5-7 times already - but that I mean a reasonable run of games, not inserted for one game as an injury replacement late in the season when its impossible to get your timing going.

Holl has never had that kind of opportunity.
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