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Forums :: Blog World :: HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Top-5 goaltenders in the Western Conference?
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HockeyBuzz Hotstove
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Aug 13 @ 12:08 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Hotstove: Top-5 goaltenders in the Western Conference?
Anaheim Ducks
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Aug 13 @ 12:17 PM ET
Gibson / Miller combo .... dynamite ... no Carlyle and less injuries = playoffs.
St Louis Blues
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Aug 13 @ 12:20 PM ET
I'll bet Rinne loses the starting job this year. Some combination of injury/poor play his game will go off a cliff. He'll go hard back to stop a dump in and find himself ever so just a hair second behind. It'll frustrate him and he'll try harder and severely sprain or luckily bresk an ankle. That'll slow him down more. It'll expose the Predators dmen who have lived off of having a puck retreiver behind them.

Hope it doesn't happen even if I don't like the Preds' fans. But things like that become more probable with age and big bodies.
New York Rangers
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Aug 13 @ 12:31 PM ET
now that Raanta has turned 30 years old, I am sure he'll stay healthy
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Aug 13 @ 12:34 PM ET
Claude Giroux
Chicago Blackhawks
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Aug 13 @ 1:22 PM ET
No respect for Corey Crawford or Lehner.
Carolina Hurricanes
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Aug 13 @ 1:39 PM ET
I like that Pete went with the "no particular order" stance once again just because of the criticism he got last time for it.
Nashville Predators
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Aug 13 @ 1:58 PM ET
I'm kind of surprised to see Rinne on three of the four lists here. I love the guy, but I'm under no delusions over who he is at this point of his career. Inconsistency has always been his problem, and those inconsistencies tend to turn up during the playoffs when everyone is watching, which is why he gets dumped on a lot. That defense in front of him is vastly overrated as well. They're good at putting the puck in the net at the other end of the ice from Rinne, not so good at helping him keep the puck out of his. It's uncanny how many times Rinne had to bail out Subban and Ellis for sloppy plays last season.
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Aug 13 @ 2:49 PM ET
No respect for Corey Crawford or Lehner.
- BlackhawkMike

And it has nothing to do with player performance or ability.
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Aug 13 @ 3:03 PM ET
Philipp Grubauer over either of the Hawks goalies is a joke. What has he done to merit any praise? Grauber would be lucky to be considered a top 10 goalie in just the western conference.
Calgary Flames
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Aug 13 @ 4:09 PM ET
There's like 10 elite goalies in the entire NHL and the rest of them are just interchangeable. So number 11 through 31, and in fact all the back-ups, so we're talking like #11 through 50-something...all the same. Nothing differentiates them. Just luck. - Tanner
Yeah Boyes
St Louis Blues
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Aug 13 @ 7:29 PM ET
Stupid blues resigning binnington
New York Islanders
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Aug 13 @ 10:33 PM ET
Gibson, Bishop, Dubnyk, Rinne, Fluery
Philadelphia Flyers
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Aug 14 @ 7:58 AM ET
1) Gibson
2) Fleury
3) Dubnyk
4) Bishop
5) Quick

Honorable mention: Rinne, Crawford

To list Rannta\Kuemper is ridiculous considering one has injury issues and the other had 1 good year, Binnington is another guy who had 1 good year, remember Jake Allen? He was good once too. The top 5 goalies are guys who have been at the top consistently over the last 5-10 years.