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Forums :: Blog World :: HockeyBuzz Wire: Canes sign Jake Gardiner
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Sep 6 @ 1:53 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Wire: Canes sign Jake Gardiner
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Sep 6 @ 3:00 PM ET
Canes have enough good back end players for two teams
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Sep 6 @ 4:41 PM ET
Great signing if you have the depth to never play him in game 7, or any other relevant scenario ever.

The canes have that, he'll do fine there.
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Sep 6 @ 5:13 PM ET
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Sep 6 @ 7:21 PM ET
Good signing if he avoids back surgery
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Sep 8 @ 6:02 PM ET
Bargain like a mother(frank)er
5Hole Mgee
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Sep 10 @ 3:01 AM ET
Good for the Canes. The Leafs WILL miss him, gafs and all. Great Dman who like everything else in TO is under appreciated.