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Nov 3 @ 6:55 PM ET
HockeyBuzz Wire: Lucic suspended 2 games
Anaheim Ducks
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Nov 3 @ 7:08 PM ET
Good player once. This goon stuff is all he can do now. Deserves more than 2 games. This could have been far more serious.
Philadelphia Flyers
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Nov 4 @ 11:21 AM ET
I've seen worse get less.
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Nov 4 @ 2:56 PM ET
I've seen worse get less.
- jmatchett383


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Montreal Canadiens
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Nov 6 @ 11:35 AM ET
As a Hab fan, I pretty much hate Lucic, but there’s no way that should be a suspension!

Buddy cherry picks hard at the goalie, you reap what you sow!

The league isn’t protecting goalies enough, so the players have to. What do think is gonna happen when you take a shot/stick/pick at a goalie with the puck? Everyone knows you’re gonna get it..... B.S. suspension by the league!