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Ty Anderson
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Nov 8 @ 11:31 AM ET
Ty Anderson: Chara, offsides review, and Detroit
Buffalo Sabres
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Nov 8 @ 2:13 PM ET
'Sup, Dril?
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Nov 8 @ 7:17 PM ET
Throw offside reviews into the ocean. It’s completely useless. My idea: Put a time limit on this stuff. You can challenge if a player was offside and a goal was scored within 10-15 seconds of the zone entry. Anything longer than that and that’s on your team for not shutting down the offensive chance. The other time limit: On the review process itself. No more five-minute reviews. You get two minutes. If you can’t find something to take the goal away within two minutes, it’s a good goal. You’re supposed to prevent egregious mistakes, not go into a NCIS investigation.

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Nov 9 @ 11:16 PM ET