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Forums :: Blog World :: Paul Stewart: Assigning Officials: 3 Keys
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Paul Stewart
Joined: 10.14.2013

Feb 12 @ 11:06 AM ET
Paul Stewart: Assigning Officials: 3 Keys
St Louis Blues
Joined: 10.17.2008

Feb 14 @ 1:34 AM ET
Knowing the Blues nearly had a player die 2 days ago; the NHL sent one of their least experienced officials to a game that would clearly be emotional and have a lot of eyes on it. That official completely screwed the Blues with phantom calls and made the story all about the calls. If the league ever wants to know why hockey is the red-headed step child of major sports leagues in the USA, they should start with looking at their own stupid decisions like where they assign refs. Don't send your worst performing refs to games where you really need the officials to not perform super poorly.
Joined: 09.19.2019

Feb 15 @ 2:58 AM ET
Whoa, the Blues will be just fine. They don't need to win every night to make the playoffs. Save you breath for the games that truly matter.
Joined: 05.20.2016

Feb 15 @ 8:15 AM ET
There are lots of games that need coverage and not enough supply of referee and linesman that you can assign with full confidence.

Maybe the second referee could be in a press box looking at a monitor while communicating with the on ice ref via headset instead of constantly getting in the way along the half wall.