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Forums :: Blog World :: James Tanner: Coyotes Can't Get It Done
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Chicago Blackhawks
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Feb 13 @ 6:08 PM ET
Why then you object and insult those who have an original thought and go against you and your analytic cult?

Tan-Tan boy-0
Philadelphia Flyers
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Feb 15 @ 9:52 AM ET
Not really, you're just ignoring facts that don't fit your pre conceived ideas, so it's not worth even talking to you. You'll just go on being wrong, and I won't be effected either way.
- James_Tanner

you say this, yet you're the one who ignored that the Blues have played the season without Tarasenko (when saying the Leafs are better than the Blues but they've played all season with a top player out of the lineup)

we're gonna have different opinions about the weight and relevance of certain facts

we're all wrong sometimes
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