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Forums :: Blog World :: Ben Shelley: SHORT READ: Bob Boughner will reportedly become Sharks full-time head coach
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Ben Shelley
San Jose Sharks
Location: ON
Joined: 04.09.2020

Sep 16 @ 7:29 PM ET
Ben Shelley: SHORT READ: Bob Boughner will reportedly become Sharks full-time head coach
Montreal Canadiens
Location: Oshawa, ON
Joined: 02.06.2012

Sep 17 @ 9:00 AM ET
I feel like your comment about how Boug hasn't yet made an impact as a full-time coach isn't really fair. His first gig was in Florida, and right after they hired him, they handed 2 players (Smith and Marchessault) to Vegas and pretty much a garbage fire of a goalie situation and said "enjoy!"

Not exactly a fair shake.

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San Jose Sharks
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Sep 17 @ 2:41 PM ET
Ben; you didn't have a choice in your poll for "Indifferent"...

What is really needed for the Sharks to succeed again are 1) An infusion of better talent that will replace the free agents who left at July 1 2019 for other pastures due to Cap Constraints and to make up for aging players; 2) An entire new system with which to play in. The organization has both the Barracuda and the Sharks play the same system so that any Call Ups know what is expected. However, watching both teams play all season long and seeing the same mistakes made in the same situations and positions game after game for both teams indicates that a new system is needed to succeed. Both teams gave up breakaways down the middle on a consistent basis due to wide spacing of the D men on the ice at the time..that's one example; 3) A team commitment to be ready to play at the beginning of the season. The full team roster played in only the last exhibition game last year and were totally out of sync with one another. On top of that, Evander Kane engaged in a meaningless fight in the exhibition game against Vegas, displayed his not uncommon bad judgement by pushing the linesman and got himself suspended for 4 games. The team got off to a horrendous start for the month of Oct, rallied back in November and then relapsed the rest of the year..Scoring disappeared as well...4) A need to make better selections in the first couple of rounds of the draft to find people who will make an impact...a lot of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round draft choices are gone or were busts..there will be a Cap to manage as well as the Expansion Draft at the end of the season. One move would be to move Burns back to forward where he played well. This would bolster the Top 9 and also improve the D Zone coverage since Burns is deficient in that area.
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San Jose Sharks
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Sep 17 @ 4:12 PM ET
I'm not excited for this being our coach, yet not dreading it. Last season I was not wowed but we also had some major lack of talents and some people in major slumps. I'm not expecting this upcoming season to be noteworthy without some major changes in the players.