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Paul McCann
Nashville Predators
Location: Nolensville, TN
Joined: 09.15.2005

Sep 30 @ 11:04 AM ET
Paul McCann: Needs and wants
Joined: 12.28.2011

Sep 30 @ 11:32 AM ET
i enjoyed watching the finals and if the Preds want to win a cup they need to model their play more like Tampa Bay.
Their passing was crisp, they new exactly where each other were on the ice and more importantly their forecheck and back check were impressive. The energy on the ice showed that they were willing to work to win the cup.
Edmonton Oilers
Location: Who's your daddy ?, BC
Joined: 05.25.2011

Sep 30 @ 2:16 PM ET
I didn't realize how ugly that Turris deal was
New Jersey Devils
Joined: 05.01.2015

Sep 30 @ 3:42 PM ET

Fire Hynes and get a better head coach. It won't fix everything but it'll help.