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Ben Shelley
Los Angeles Kings
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Oct 5 @ 4:43 PM ET
Ben Shelley: Analyzing the Olli Maatta trade
Chicago Blackhawks
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Oct 5 @ 7:17 PM ET
calling morrison a prospect is a stretch. but then so is calling maatta a top 4 d-man.
New Jersey Devils
Joined: 09.05.2017

Oct 5 @ 7:17 PM ET
Ben Shelley: Analyzing the Olli Maatta trade
- Ben-Shelley.

At that price, you guys landed a guy likely slotted for bottom pairing, but fully capable of jumping up into a top 4 role when needed. Good trade considering you got him for an ECHL player who won't play in the show.
Los Angeles Kings
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Oct 5 @ 8:30 PM ET
Im not gonna be to optimistic about Maatta. But he played pretty well in the play ins with Chicago. So there's that.
Los Angeles Kings
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Oct 5 @ 8:48 PM ET
They don't need him to be an all-star. They just need him to be better than Phaneuf. He satisfies the expansion draft exposure requirements and allows Bjornfot to spend another year to fully develop in the AHL.

So the Kings defense is bad another year. #BrandtClarke2021
Chicago Blackhawks
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Oct 5 @ 9:54 PM ET
Like everyone else said, he's not a bad get (especially at that cost). He's fine as long as he is already in position. It's all the other times when he is out of position that are the problem. He is quite slow, and does not have the quickness to recover.

End of the day, the Kings got a good D-man for very little cost and with money retained. He can even drive some offense and is very strong on his skates. At $3M/yr that's a really good value.
Joined: 09.19.2019

Oct 6 @ 6:33 AM ET
define "notable" for the poll.. I mean they're about to draft a franchise player