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Forums :: Blog World :: Eklund: NHL Teams May Have b-Team Games Prior to Regular Season Games
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Vancouver Canucks
Location: Trail, BC
Joined: 03.05.2013

Oct 15 @ 4:44 PM ET
I have even wondered if teams would carry a B squad of 9-10 forwards, 3-4 Defense and 1-2 goalies and play 3 periods of 15 minute 3 on 3 games that would happen prior and between the 1st & 2nd periods and between the 2nd and 3rd periods. These players would be available for call ups for injury and cover infections.

-G - Man

Unless they extend the intermissions. They may have to go to 2 on 2 so they can can still have room to play while the Zamboni is trying to clean the ice.

Chicago Blackhawks
Location: North Potomac, MD
Joined: 12.13.2011

Oct 15 @ 6:31 PM ET
Sounds like a great idea to me!
Pittsburgh Penguins
Location: Your sister's panties... for real!
Joined: 03.10.2016

Oct 16 @ 7:10 AM ET
The cost of travel and hotel?
I’d be shocked. Seems unrealistic.
But who knows?

Ek knows.. he's got sources!
Ottawa Senators
Location: jensen beach, FL
Joined: 02.19.2007

Oct 16 @ 7:20 AM ET
Lots of talk that owners have already initially approved the idea of an all Canadian Division for next season. This would resolve most of the cross border travel issues relating to Covid.

It would also open the potential for new revenue broadcast stream if you create double header situations involving the major and minor teams on game night.

I assume it would act in exactly the same way for their minor league teams if you have the Rangers, Devils, Islanders, Flyers, Pens et. al, playing double or triple the number of head to head games. Some of these teams will be stacked with great young talent.
Philadelphia Flyers
Joined: 12.03.2018

Oct 16 @ 8:21 AM ET
Get rid of the damm adds Ek.
Chicago Blackhawks
Location: ID
Joined: 01.05.2017

Oct 16 @ 8:38 AM ET
How about get a vaccine before the end of the year and get fans back in seats?
New York Islanders
Location: NY
Joined: 11.03.2008

Oct 16 @ 10:15 AM ET
How about get a vaccine before the end of the year and get fans back in seats?
- ifaughtthelaw

I'm sure the NHL's scientists and epidemiologists are hard at work on a vaccine as we speak
New Jersey Devils
Location: Sussex, NJ
Joined: 08.13.2016

Oct 16 @ 10:38 AM ET
I have an Idea for the Older Players that are on the end of their careers. How about creating a hockey version of the nba Big3. 3 vs 3 on a 2/3 sized rink - move the goals to the blue line. 3 - 15 minute periods. Would make for a fast, short, high scoring game. Can Even do this in the off season. Play in smaller market areas to Grow the Sport. B3HL
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