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Mark Pino
Buffalo Sabres
Joined: 08.01.2020

Oct 25 @ 8:27 AM ET
Mark Pino: Arb You Gonna Go My Way?
Joined: 05.02.2012

Oct 25 @ 8:29 AM ET
Season Ticket Holder
Detroit Red Wings
Location: Gwinn, MI
Joined: 01.26.2020

Oct 25 @ 9:07 AM ET
10-27 is Reinhart..............
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Oct 25 @ 9:51 AM ET
Thanks "Mark"
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Oct 25 @ 11:39 AM ET
Isn’t there a rule about making a 2nd profile after the first one is banned Garf?
Detroit Red Wings
Location: ON
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Oct 25 @ 11:54 AM ET
Thanks "Mark"
- DutchSenators

(frank)ing garf bullpoop. Gives it away every damn time. He just can't help himself.
Philadelphia Flyers
Joined: 08.21.2020

Oct 25 @ 12:34 PM ET
Isn’t there a rule about making a 2nd profile after the first one is banned Garf?
- RoloTahmasee

When is tanner coming back ?
Pittsburgh Penguins
Joined: 11.26.2013

Oct 25 @ 12:43 PM ET
Garth, teams usually avoid arbitration for two reasons:
1. It could potentially create a bad relationship between the player and the team (at the organizational level).
2. The "independent" arbitrators usually favor the players, giving them most if not nearly all of what they want.

Having Reinhart is good but the Sabres really need a solid goalie, as well as for defensemen like Dahlin to really step up and lead the defense.

Also you remind me of Comcast and the KGB. Comcast re-branded its product as "XFinity" because of the bad reputation the name "Comcast" has, particularly with regard to customer support. Likewise the KGB had five or six previous names, which changed each time its reputation for evil (kidnapping, blackmail, murder, general terror, etc.) got too bad.

In every case, only the name changed . You can only fool people for a little bit, especially if nothing else changes.
Toronto Maple Leafs
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Oct 25 @ 12:49 PM ET
Thanks "Mark"
- DutchSenators

Edmonton Oilers
Location: Home to ruined prospects and overpaid slugs', AB
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Oct 25 @ 2:55 PM ET
New name, same terrible spelling mistakes . 👍
Buffalo Sabres
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Oct 25 @ 6:20 PM ET
Wow, you calanders in November we’re still in oct.
Joined: 06.16.2012

Oct 25 @ 7:29 PM ET
At least 5 million too much...probably more.

First bad decision made by Kim.