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Forums :: Blog World :: Ben Shelley: Assessing San Jose’s offseason moves (so far)
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Ben Shelley
San Jose Sharks
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Oct 25 @ 3:30 PM ET
Ben Shelley: Assessing San Jose’s offseason moves (so far)
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Oct 26 @ 5:02 AM ET
Dubnyk trade: F-
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Oct 26 @ 10:30 AM ET
they gave up assets to bring in an old, way past his prime, overpaid goalie.....when they could have gotten a cheaper and better option via free agency

they overpaid for Labanc, 4 years at nearly 5 mil for a 14 goal 3rd liner is not a good deal

and they let the heart and soul of their team leave for what ended up being pretty much a league minimum deal.

how anyone could view this offseason as anything but a massive failure by arguably the worst GM in the league is mindblowing
San Jose Sharks
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Oct 26 @ 4:40 PM ET
Definitely not looking like a good off-season for Wilson. Dubnyk is a real REAL longshot. Jones + Dub just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. If the defense can rebound and stay healthy - they're solid. Forward depth is still real iffy and those top guys have to stay healthy.

I wouldn't say Wilson is one of the worst GMs....YET. He kept the team in contention for a long time. Can they rebound??? Looking at the current roster, it's not looking good. A lot of things would have to go right, but I could see it happening.

That said, if the Sharks have another exceptionally bad season - how he handles things going forward will be interesting - does he embrace a full rebuild or does he waste more time on trying to "rebuild on the fly"? Or do we get stuck in a mediocrity cycle where we're never good enough to challenge for a cup, but never bad enough to draft/develop into a top team.