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Forums :: Blog World :: Kevin Allen: My 10 favorite NHL offseason acquisitions
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Kevin Allen
Location: Ypsilanti, MI
Joined: 02.08.2020

Oct 26 @ 9:36 AM ET
Kevin Allen: My 10 favorite NHL offseason acquisitions
Chicago Blackhawks
Location: Lyndon, IL
Joined: 08.13.2007

Oct 26 @ 1:35 PM ET
Maybe Gustafson can play wing!! He needs a road map in finding out how to play in his own zone!!
Joined: 12.19.2016

Oct 26 @ 9:06 PM ET
Vegas also had to move Stastny to open cap space for Pietrangelo. Not sure those 2 for him is a real good trade.
King Agler
Chicago Blackhawks
Joined: 09.09.2020

Oct 27 @ 10:56 PM ET
I'll echo chicago hope in that Gustafson is god awful at defense. He can't break out, win battles for the puck. No physicality and poor board work. I can't believe he signed for 3MM, the guy isn't worth a bag of pucks. Hopefully he plays well for Phily, but don't count on it.
St Louis Blues
Location: trustinjarmo knows nothing, MO
Joined: 06.28.2007

Oct 28 @ 7:29 AM ET
Wow. I don't like being negative like this--what a total fluff piece. Drafted shrewdly with two high first rounders????? Signing Pietroangelo to high cap hit forcing the team to trade depth when they have a rising star and number one rhd?????? They still hqve to move a player.

There's nothing here of value.
Carolina Hurricanes
Location: I'll always remember the last words my grandfather ever told me. He said, "A Truck!", SK
Joined: 09.21.2009

Oct 29 @ 8:40 AM ET
Marc Staal?! What?!?!