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Paul McCann
Nashville Predators
Location: Nolensville, TN
Joined: 09.15.2005

Nov 14 @ 9:10 AM ET
Paul McCann: Return Thoughts
Nashville Predators
Location: Clarksville, TN
Joined: 05.09.2018

Nov 14 @ 1:41 PM ET
Dallas makes more sense in the West. They're kind of in no man's land geographically, but they're still further out west than any of the other teams currently rumored to be in the Central/Southeast division or whatever you want to call it. Dallas is actually closer to Denver than they are Chicago, and closer to Phoenix then they are Detroit, and any of the teams further east. It's going out to California that's going to be murder, but then again, so is flying out to Florida or North Carolina. Not ideal but still slightly less burdensome than the other teams. It doesn't make sense to kick both St. Louis and Minnesota out for the sake of Dallas.

Regardless, either St. Louis or Minnesota is going to get screwed here. If the NHL wants to keep the divisions as even as possible, somebody is going to draw the short straw and rack up the frequent flyer miles next season.
Vancouver Canucks
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Nov 15 @ 5:29 PM ET
The big Short straw is the Canadian division.
Don’t even start on other teams left over.
Travel & time zones are not even close. To be fair the Metro should be broken up & not have easy street. It’s only temporary.
Nashville Predators
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Nov 20 @ 7:17 PM ET
Can we fire our coach yet?
Nashville Predators
Location: Littleton, CO
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Nov 30 @ 9:56 PM ET
Hope everyone back in Pred nation is safe and well!