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Forums :: Blog World :: Rick Sadowski: Retro jersey tribute to Nordiques
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Rick Sadowski
Joined: 06.27.2006

Nov 16 @ 4:27 PM ET
Rick Sadowski: Retro jersey tribute to Nordiques
Jack Straw
Buffalo Sabres
Location: CO
Joined: 02.21.2018

Nov 16 @ 4:47 PM ET
Philadelphia Flyers
Joined: 07.29.2013

Nov 16 @ 5:52 PM ET
I always loved the Nords’ sweaters. One of the top 2 or 3 of these retros.

It’s weird, because you guys are the Avs, not Quebec. But I guess their records still stay with you. You weren’t an expansion team.

And since I miss those old jerseys so much, I give that a pass and welcome the look.
Colorado Avalanche
Joined: 08.27.2020

Nov 16 @ 6:08 PM ET
Well there's already kind of a precedent because Carolina has used the Whaler jerseys before, and will do so again, as well as the fact that technically Winnipeg had to ask the Coyotes to be able to use their name and likeness because Phoenix was still the old Winnipeg franchise.

That said, these look pretty sharp. I hate falling in to the trap of buying jerseys every time they come out with a new design since I know it is meant to bait consumers, but I will probably pick this up.
New Jersey Devils
Joined: 09.05.2017

Nov 16 @ 8:26 PM ET
Rick Sadowski: Retro jersey tribute to Nordiques
- Rick Sadowski

10/10. I'm sure Canadians from Quebec, and Nova Scotia alike are going to buy out the MacKinnon's retro's.
Ottawa Senators
Location: GATINEAU, QC
Joined: 05.15.2020

Nov 17 @ 1:17 PM ET
this is an awesome jersey....Simply love it!