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Forums :: Blog World :: Kevin Allen: 10 bold predictions for the 2021 NHL season
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Kevin Allen
Location: Ypsilanti, MI
Joined: 02.08.2020

Wednesday @ 12:36 PM ET
Kevin Allen: 10 bold predictions for the 2021 NHL season How many goals can Ovi score in 56 games? How about 40?
Detroit Red Wings
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Wednesday @ 5:09 PM ET
11. Ek will have Malkin trade rumours beginning in February instead of June like he usually does.

Agree on Ovi scoring 40. I think Matthews hits 40 too. Jarmo likely believes he has a "win now" team while Torts is still there so I'll agree that PLD won't be traded this season.

I don't like the Pens D but they're still loaded up front. I have them missing the playoffs but a rested Crosby could carry that team on his back.

I can't count the Bruins out. They'll make the playoffs. But I don't see them making the final 4.

Surprise team making the playoffs? Kings ended last season on quite a roll. I don't think they make it. But it wouldn't surprise me if they did.

With such a condensed schedule you'd better have 2 good goalies if you're going to bank enough points to get in the playoffs. Teams are pretty much playing every other night. That's why I liked the Habs adding Jake Allen. Keep Carey Price fresh for the playoffs.
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Joined: 10.02.2017

Thursday @ 4:36 PM ET
I agree with your Pittsburgh prediction. The defense has approved on paper for now the forwards are always in the mix and Jim Rutherford is always one trade away from moving the team forward.

I think Boston will have to grind this season out.

The shorten season makes it very interesting, you need to start right out gate hoping injuries /COVID won’t affect your run. teams with two strong goaltenders should hold up well.

I’m still torn on the DuBoise trade, if it should happen now or over summer. His stock is very high right now as long as he stays healthy.

Great read, talking hockey.
All Flyered Up
Philadelphia Flyers
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Friday @ 2:25 PM ET
Looking forward to a hard fought & fast paced season solidifying some pretty historic rivalries. Flyers have added to their depth and are poised to do some damage!