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Forums :: Blog World :: Dan Wallace: Getting Healthier Wild Ducks Tonight
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Dan Wallace
Joined: 09.15.2005

Feb 18 @ 2:52 PM ET
Dan Wallace: Getting Healthier Wild Ducks Tonight
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Detroit Red Wings
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Feb 18 @ 3:22 PM ET
I hope KK gets a hatty tonight!
Joined: 05.17.2015

Feb 18 @ 6:46 PM ET
Good to get some of the boys back. As a healthy team I believe they are closer to the team that started 4-1 and not the team that is now 6-6.
Minnesota Wild
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Joined: 02.22.2012

Feb 19 @ 1:53 PM ET
Didn't stay up to watch the game last night, but glad to see that they got a win.
Joined: 05.17.2015

Sunday @ 8:17 PM ET
Nice Sweep! Time to string a few of these together.
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Minnesota Wild
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Joined: 06.21.2012

Tuesday @ 5:25 PM ET
Dan must be in hiding... because this squad has looked really good the last few games and finally giving him something good to write about