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Mark Pino
Buffalo Sabres
Joined: 08.01.2020

Monday @ 4:19 PM ET
Mark Pino: McCabe Out For The Rest Of Season
Winnipeg Jets
Joined: 10.08.2019

Monday @ 7:18 PM ET
I'm not a Sabres fan but wtf is going on, 4th line Skinner and scratching Jokiharju?!!..

Did those guys really need to be sent a message that badly or has Kruger lost his mind??

Or was Jokiharju scratched cause they wanted to showcase some other dmen for a possible trade?

Was hoping the Sabres were gonna turn it around this year but appears that's not gonna happen unfortunately.

McCabe is a big loss to what sounds like an already depleted Buffalo defense, on the bright side you get to see some prospects play which is always fun!

Best of luck Sabres fans!!!

Joined: 02.06.2021

Monday @ 8:08 PM ET
Possibly a blessing In disguise for McCabe, He's done for awhile he could be back In time for training camp with a new team and he's out from under that dumpster fire In Buffalo. I feel sorry for Sabre fans they simply deserve better but they won't see It until the Sabres can get COMPETENT team owners.
Buffalo Sabres
Joined: 02.22.2021

Monday @ 10:24 PM ET
This team is discouraging to watch. Paul Hamilton and company are tools, hard on the ears, and difficult to listen too. Krueger, certainly is not a good hockey mind or a good coach. He needs to be benched.
New York Rangers
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Monday @ 10:47 PM ET
Rangers have a well rested ADA to trade for if you need a D Man!
Season Ticket Holder
Detroit Red Wings
Location: Gwinn, MI
Joined: 01.26.2020

Tuesday @ 8:50 AM ET
Rangers have a well rested ADA to trade for if you need a D Man!
- MeltingPlastic
They need LD, Wings have DeKeyser for you!
Joined: 09.19.2019

Tuesday @ 9:04 AM ET
Sabres dont need Dmen, they need a rebuild
Location: under the bridge downtown, AB
Joined: 06.23.2013

Tuesday @ 2:24 PM ET
Put Skinner on D