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Forums :: Blog World :: Eklund: Dallas @ Nashville Tonight....Essentially a Playoff Game.
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May 1 @ 12:46 PM ET
Eklund: Dallas @ Nashville Tonight....Essentially a Playoff Game.
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May 1 @ 1:14 PM ET
Ah, the battle for the honor of probably getting curb-stomped by Carolina in the first round. Have you watched any of their games this season? I wouldn't call them 'classics' but they're fun if you like watching two teams who don't like each other slam into one another for 60 minutes. Luckily, I kind of do. Oddly, Dallas was one of the teams Poile built the current roster to up against, after Lavy's smaller teams started to get tossed around in the playoffs. Poile made them bigger and stronger alright, just not necessarily more talented...
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May 1 @ 1:51 PM ET
Dallas has NO business In the playoffs, There are far to many teams that get into the playoffs and starting next season It will be 50% of all teams, Let's put the emphasis back on winning, Let's make the regular season relevant again, Let's stomp out the Liberalism and mediocrity the Is the NHL regular season.
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May 1 @ 2:38 PM ET
Tampa has 70 points.. Dallas has 54... half of 12.. is 6.. so if Dallas had 6 of those otl converted to wins they would have a total of 60 points.. how exactly would they be tied with Tampa?? How do you constantly make the these mistakes in your posts. I can hardly spell but I can at least do the grade 3 level math required to figure out the points system.
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May 1 @ 4:51 PM ET
Ek a classic, are you on crack?
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May 1 @ 7:57 PM ET
this blog sucks
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May 2 @ 12:19 AM ET
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May 2 @ 10:38 AM ET
Eklund: Dallas @ Nashville Tonight....Essentially a Playoff Game.
- Eklund

Math is hard huh Ek? My god a first grader has better spelling and math skills than you.