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Forums :: Blog World :: John Gove: Throwing around the idea of an Eichel trade
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John Gove
St Louis Blues
Location: NY
Joined: 09.11.2017

Jun 7 @ 8:06 PM ET
John Gove: Throwing around the idea of an Eichel trade
Joined: 07.09.2014

Jun 7 @ 8:24 PM ET
Depending on what Eichel does regarding his neck issue, I would be ok with the Blues sending the follow : Dunn/ Thomas/ Stanford/ their first pick, The trade would have to add names on both sides to make the money work on the St Louis side.
Season Ticket Holder
Detroit Red Wings
Location: Gwinn, MI
Joined: 01.26.2020

Jun 7 @ 8:32 PM ET
Maybe trade Vlad to a team he will go to for a young player and a pick, Add that to your package to Buffalo and the money should work now.
Detroit Red Wings
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Jun 7 @ 8:38 PM ET
The Don
Buffalo Sabres
Location: Glasgow, VA
Joined: 02.03.2007

Jun 7 @ 8:59 PM ET
John Gove: Throwing around the idea of an Eichel trade
Truthfully, nobody is willingly heading into that mess right now.

- John.Gove

Why do you need to drive a dagger of truth into the hearts of Sabre fans? Have we not suffered enough?
New York Rangers
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Jun 7 @ 9:02 PM ET
After watching Tarasenko ( and his substantial $$ cap hit ) keep missing time with injuries would you bring in Eichel and his bigger cap hit? Doesn't make any sense!
St Louis Blues
Joined: 02.03.2021

Jun 8 @ 7:40 AM ET
That's just nuts. The Sabres will want prospects and picks and would gladly also take a good veteran with salary bag who has won the Cup.
I think it looks more like Schenn, Thomas, a first, Dunn and a bit more. That gives the Sabres two centers and left side dman. The Sabres would not get both Thomas and Kyrou. It is high unlikely any team would give up two top prospects in any deal for Eichel. If a team did it would have to be a rebuilding team who could "afford" it. Those teams do not tend to have recent veteran Cup winners on their team.
tonyleopold 33
St Louis Blues
Joined: 09.06.2019

Jun 8 @ 10:25 AM ET
Thomas dunn 1st and 3rd this year, plus a second next year.

Move tarasanko for a role player at a cheaper cap
Chicago Blackhawks
Joined: 02.08.2021

Jun 8 @ 10:35 AM ET
Blues have nothing for an eichel
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Jun 8 @ 9:34 PM ET
Trade them Ryan O'Reilly
Buffalo Sabres
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Jun 9 @ 9:24 AM ET
Trade them Cryin O'Reilly
- TheGame316

Fixed it for ya
St Louis Blues
Location: St. Louis, MO
Joined: 06.12.2014

Jun 11 @ 7:28 PM ET
Blues need to trade Schwartz and their 16th pick to move up in the draft. Try to screw some other team over and make the Blues better. Need to solidify our goaltending. Not sold on Husso but last year being his 1st pro I’m not ready to discard him so easily either. Defense needs to be sured up. Faulk Krug Parayko Bortz Mikkola are all fine. Not sure if Dunn gets traded or not. Walman leaves a lot of questions and then where is the depth for injuries?